Sunday, 4 April 2010

Birthday Surprise

My birthday was last Monday, March 29th. I had a good day... considering my age :-) I turned 45 and I am really happy about it because I didn't really like the number 44. There was just nothing special about it.

I got many nice gifts, but received this extra special one today from my daughter who is away in University. It is called a Wordle and it is crafted by hand not by computer, which is the normal medium. I love it! It will always be very special to me.

I did get some creativity achieved this weekend. I was looking through the inspiring online shop of Creative Every Day Mentor, Leah, and I just got antsy to spend time in my studio. So down to my studio I went. I received a new felting machine for my birthday from my family, so I decided to try it out. I have a couple of pieces on the go now and have discovered the machine is a lot of fun... and  lot easier on my tennis elbow, which has been plagueing me for some time.

Here is a photo of one of the pieces I am working on. It is Northern Lights...


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  1. A belated happy birthday to you! I love the movement and the texture of your Northern Light. Love the see the finished piece. Nice Work! Thank you for sharing. :)