Sunday, 31 October 2010

Zoodles of Art

This weekend I am working on a project for the annual Quilting Arts calendar contest. This is an annual ritual where I submit work and get rejected :-) Toughens the soul and keeps me determined.

This year's theme is pets. Over my lifetime... a brief 45 years... my family and I have had... several cats, including three at the moment, several dogs, including one cute little Cavalier at the moment, two white rats I rescued from a science experiment in school in grade six, two zebra finches, a white mouse I found outside in grade five (and to my mother's horror, the mouse had babies the next day...), three horses, and the list goes on. HOWEVER, I never got to have a giraffe!

So this is the pet I hope to have one day... when I live in Africa and they can wander free near my home.

This piece is about 14" across and will get trimmed down when I am done felting the wool. I will post more as the piece progresses. Especially since tomorrow starts "Creative Every Day" month!


  1. Hi! I had an enjoyable tour through your blog. Good luck with your Qulting Arts entry! Congrats on your 25th Anniversary. I was pleased to see you in the CQA newsletter. It puts your name 'out there'.

  2. The felting creates such great texture! I may have to experiment with this one day. I love your colorful design!

  3. I love this piece, so playful! Happy AEDM!
    Stay inspired!

  4. I love needlefelting. Have been wanting to pick this up myself. So lovely!

    Happy crafting and enjoy AEDM2010! :)

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