Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Joys of Small Quilts

Today I spent time working on some art trading cards. It was fun. I felt like one of Santa's elves working in  my little shop. I want to make 40 trading cards and so the process is a bit assembly-line-ish.

I needle-punched roving for the top of the card and sewed it between two strips of black as you can see. I decided to have a little fun with some thin copper I bought from a fibre art store this summer. I used a ball-point pen and carved a little quilt into the copper and added my "M". I am happy with the results.

I will exchange them in two weeks at a quilt retreat for the Fibre Art Network being held near Edmonton. One more thing almost off Santa's list :-)


  1. I love the copper... it looks so professional! I thought you bought it from a store until I read further. You're so creative :)

    It won't let me sign into my livejournal account to comment.... hmm.

  2. Thanks for the comment "annonymous Sam" :-)