Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Memories of Paris

First off... thanks to everyone for their kind comments on my blog for the Quilt Festival. What a great time and what a treasure trove of great quilts! I still haven't made it through the list of quilts to visit, but I am working on it.

My daughter, Sam, came home from University this weekend for a Thanksgiving visit. We enjoyed her company and had many good laughs. Seeing her so happy and enjoying the simple life of home reminded me of another happy time we spent together two summers ago in Paris.

We managed to sneak away, just the two of us, for six days in Paris. It was magical. My favourite evening was when we decided to make a spur-of-the-moment visit to the Eiffel Tower. We got off the Metro at the far end of a park. We could see the tower in the distance, but it was only about two feet tall, just like we had seen in all the pictures :-) As we walked through the park and got closer to the tower, it grew. When we finally reached the tower, the size of it was overwhelming.

We decided to go to the top. The sun had hidden itself behind some clouds and it began to rain lightly. We grabbed some fries from a food stand and stood in line for the elevator. A half-hour later, we were on our way!

As the evening wained, we looked across Paris as far as the eye could see. The lights twinkled on and Paris came alive under the night sky. We watched the boats on the river and all the little people walking around at the base of the tower. Reluctantly, after an hour, we decided to descend. It was cool and slightly windy and poor Sam was shivering.

As we walked off the elevator at the base of the tower we were approached by young men selling mini-Eiffel Towers that blinked a myriad electric colours in the dark. the men were selling them illegally it turned out and as security guards approached all the little towers went running with their men into the crowds.

We took a few more pictures and then hurried off to catch the Metro back to our hotel.

Good memories that last a lifetime.


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, Marci. And I LOVE your entry into the Bloggers' Quilt Festival -- it's striking, and your use of geometrics really speaks to me!


  2. Paris is always a place I've wanted to visit. It sounds like your visit was very special!