Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Growth

This week I started designing my son's graduation quilt. He graduated in 2008, so I am a little behind. I will catch up quickly :-)

Trevor described to me the quilt he wanted... "I would like you to capture the first green of spring on the trees". This enticing (and overwhelming) description has been running through my mind for two springs now and I have a large stock of photographs I took in May and June 2008 and 2009. Finally I have decided on the basis of a design. The graphic I created in CorelDraw from a sketch of mine (above) is a tonal rendition... it will be bright greens when it is finished and will eventually morph into a full-size quilt.

I looked through my stash and just don't have quite the right colours... even though I've been collecting "Spring-like" green fabric for the past two years. After going on a search through our local quilt shop again today, I've decided it's time to dye the colours I want.

I've done this before for a polar bear quilt I made for a friend. It seems I know the colours in my head, but the fabric has not been made yet. All I can do is turn to my own resources for the fabric.

I'm excited to go buy the dyes today. I only need two or three colours and I will mix what I need from that. Art as science... here we come. I'll share the results soon.

The sheep quilts are almost done, only a binding to finish sewing on by hand and some directions for the pattern to write. Then put it in a package and away I go to market, to market!

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