Thursday, 4 June 2009


Welcome to my first blog! I am a quilt artist and would like to share the creative processes I go through to make the things I do. I welcome comments from everyone, but particularly other artists and quilters (and friends and family).

Right now I am working on my first quilt pattern to put up for sale. I am almost finished the quilts I will use for the cover photographs of my pattern, and I am beginning to type out the directions. This quilt is a simple wall-hanging with two options for wording. My goal is to have it done by Sunday, June 7th and have it up on my web site for sale (

Once I learned basic quilting skills, I have always designed my own quilts. Although I have quilted for almost twenty years, this is the first time organizing something into a pattern. I am trying to earn a living from my quilting and this will be a step in that direction. I will be adding other patterns as the year goes on. I will also be continually working on my art quilts and will share them as they are finished.

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