Monday, 8 June 2009


Well, it is Monday morning (a bright, sunny one I might add) and I have not finished developing my patterns. There is a reason for this, of course. The weekend turned out to be reasonably warm and very sunny... so I chose to finish building my gardens, rather than spend the days in my studio.

Studio time will not conflict with outside time once I finish my sheep quilt patterns because the next project on the list is sun-print fabric. This must be created outside under the sun on the back deck, so I will no longer be torn between studio and sun.

This picture, below is my newest garden along the side of my house. I also created a little garden along the brick wall in front of my house (second picture below). Since I tend to mow the lawn lately, I thought it would be a lot less trimming if I edged all my gardens with bricks... it took a couple of weeks, but is now finished and gives all the gardens a more finished look.

I have graphic design work for a client this week, which is next on my list today. And my patterns will get finished this week as well. I need them to be finished so I can get out in the sun.



  1. Very nice pictures :) You'll have to be careful when you're doing sunprints that you don't get giant kitty- and dog-shaped patches on your fabric!

  2. Kitty feet sun prints! Good Idea!!