Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bubble and Boil

AEDM. What a great activity Art Every Day Month has turned out to be for me. I have been working hard on my projects. Being able to share my little accomplishments every day has enabled me to get a lot of work done. I have only posted half of the days of November, but I have worked every day on creativity and definitely been more focused on staying on art task than ever before. Thanks for the inspiration Leah!!

Today I'm working with lava :-) I've got the volcano cone appliqued to my quilt base and I'm trying to liven up my wool lava a bit. This will probably involve some beads or other embelishment at a later date, but I am starting with the wool.

I have also been looking over a pile of little sunflower quilts that I would like to finish and get up for sale on Etsy. So little time... 

Where has my time gone the last few days? To good causes in our area and afar. I volunteer a lot of my graphic design services, and every now and then... everything comes at once. Ads, posters, tickets, etc. Most of this will be finished today, then I can get back to the sunflower fields and lava beds :-)


  1. Thanks to everyone who has been posting on my site the past few weeks. Your support is greatly appreciated and treasured more than you can know.

  2. They're looking great. I'm espcially looking foward to seeing your lava!