Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sheepish Snowflakes

Today I am posting the next step in a mini-work in progress for art every day month. The background is blue wool roving, and now I have added a snowflake of white wool, as well as ivory seed beads and rhinstones. It is nothing like I imagined... as usual, but I am happy with it. I think it will become a small wall-hanging over the next few days. I'll share as I progress.

I am segueing to a new project now as a deadline fast approaches. I will share the progress each day as I work, and with luck and some hard work, I might have it almost finished by the end of November! Tune in tomorrow...


  1. This is so crisp and the perfect compliment to a wintery day. Looking forward to seeing more of it!

  2. soooo pretty! Cant wait to see the rest!


  3. Very cool snowflake, Marcy. Keep up the good work!

  4. I was anxious to see the snowflake on the blue. It is really beautiful. I lost track of which name you were. Glad I found your postings again. I would have to drink the wine:)