Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sleigh Bells Ring...

A dusting of snow made the forest near our house a winter gallery of wonders. My quilting pal, Rosie, and I ventured out with camera in hand to have a closer look at all the details. Here are a couple of things that we found...

The snow had settled gentle frosty outlines on everything in sight. For a change, there was no prairie wind and the snowflakes had been allowed to gently float and land on whatever was nearby... even on tiny lichen on a poplar tree.

Of course, I wouldn't have enjoyed any of this if it wasn't for Rosie romping and investigating :-)

Back in the house, I found my other trusty quilting pal helping with the needlefelting.

And finally, the creativity for the day... a little sunflower quilt for a friend. A surprise!

Tomorrow it is back to the Inchies...


  1. What a great post - from a frosty outside scene to the coziness of a kitty to the warmth of a glowing sunflower!
    I love the part about kitty helping with the needle felting!

  2. The snow looks so pretty and Rosie looked like she was having fun. We never received the snow, only drizzly to hard rain. It was nice seeing a preview of winter wonderland on your blog. Love the sunflower quilt. You do beautiful work.

  3. What a fun posting! Fits the "Creative Every Day" idea wonderfully well! I like the photos, the expressions of your quilting pals and the sumptuous sunflower quilt.

  4. Gorgeous images! I love the sunflower.

  5. I love your little sunflower. It came as a surprise after seeing those snow pictures, which were great, even though I'm not ready for snow.